EA Classification, Understanding, and Frameworks

Mike Walker's Blog: EA Classification, Understanding, and Frameworks

I ran across an interesting article today written by Mike Rosen on Enterprise Architecture Frameworks. He shares a similar belief as I on these. Ironically I was going to post something along these lines as well. I just sat in a one day course on Zachman and EACOE and was going to distill my thoughts. I will see what is different from this article and expand on my key observations from that training.

Below is the article abstract and link. This is in a controlled subscription area.



In other words, data is a collection of unorganized/uninterrupted facts. When we put those facts in the context of a schema or classification, then we have useful information. When we put that information into the context of experience, then we have knowledge. When we apply that knowledge to add value, then we have wisdom.

Full Article


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