Angela Yochem on the State of Enterprise Architecture

At the Troux Enterprise Architecture Conference in the spring of 2011 Angela Yochem recorded an interview on her views of EA and IT in a broader sense. Like with her presentations, this interview is no different. Her thoughts are always very thought provoking. 


Key Messages

  • IT organizations are getting smaller and she thinks that this is a natural evolution of IT. We are getting more and more efficient thus we don't need as many resources to implement technology solutions. 
  • IT organizations are becoming more specialized and aligned to business problem areas
  • IT organizations running like a software company
  • The pace of change is happening so rapidly that as architects we must up-level our thinking and not just focus on the micro level details all the time
  • Architects must think outside the box. One examples Angela provides is a standard accounting firm that decides that it will now also produce software of its unique practices that it can market. How would you react? Could you effectively?
  • Consider SWAT teams
  • Use commonly understood measure to effectively
  • Take accountability of not only your responsibilities but also areas not necessarily in your direct responsibility 

About Angela

Angela Yochem is the Business Information Executive for Dell Services, an $8 billion segment of business for the multi-national technology company. In this role, she is accountable for all IT supporting the Dell Services business. Additionally, Angela is the Corporate Technology Executive responsible for Dell corporate systems. Prior to holding this role, Angela was responsible for Enterprise IT Strategy, Architecture and Shared Application Services at Dell, where she drove strategy across a portfolio in excess of $1 billion and delivered large-scale foundational technologies. Angela is recognized as an innovative leader with expertise in profitability and agility in complex environments, and has a track record of significant cost/risk reductions. She has held senior roles at Bank of America, IBM, SunTrust and UPS. Angela received her bachelor's of music in performance from DePauw University and a master of science in computer science from the University of Tennessee.


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