The Open Group has moved the technology industry forward yet again with its second international standard on SOA.The Open Group SOA Governance Framework is now an International Standard, having passed its six month ratification vote in ISO and IEC.

This will be the second since January 2012 when the Open Services Integration Maturity Model (OSIMM). The Open Group has certainly have been getting a great deal of momentum on it's SOA OSIMM as it is being considered for adoption as a national standard in countries such as China and Korea. While this framework has been around for awhile it is great to see the broad acceptance internationally.

SOA governance is critical to all SOA implementations. Just like with building a road, laying the asphalt is just the beginning. That road will need  governing aspects such as the law and maintenance plans. The same with SOA implementations, deploying an ESB with some web services is relatively easy but making sure that those services are adopted and sustainable, that is tricky.  Having a standard way of addressing SOA governance is not only an accelerant to companies but also allows them to:

  • Leverage a universally accepted and trusted framework
  • Exposure to an evolving framework that is leveraged by many companies that contribute to the Open Group with best practices,  guidance and standards
  • Eventually tap into a network of SOA practitioners that understand the standard without training
  • Potential for certifications to validate competencies and skills

The Open Group SOA Governance Framework includes a standard governance reference model and a mechanism for enterprises to customize and implement the compliance, dispensation and communication processes that are appropriate for them. Long term vitality is an essential part of the framework, and it gives guidance on evolving these processes over time in the light of changing business and technical circumstances, ensuring the on-going alignment of business and IT.

Mike The Architect: Open Group SOA Governance Model

What I really like about this model is that SOA Governance is viewed as the application of Corporate Governance, IT Governance and EA Governance to Service Oriented Architecture. This shows that SOA Governance extends IT and EA Governance ensuring that the benefits that SOA extols are met. This requires governing not only the execution aspects of SOA but also the strategic planning activities.

Take a look at the new standard, it is certainly worth the read!