US Navy Updates it’s Enterprise Architecture Framework to 4.0

The United States Navy released it’s department of Defense and the Navy (DON) Enterprise Architecture Framework on 4.0.

US Navy DON Enterprise Architecture Fwk 4

Like with all other US government agencies they are federally mandated to have enterprise architecture (EA) established to support their IT strategies and to capitalize on their vast technological assets and make sound decisions about investments in new technology. 

Below is a snapshot of the EA method for Supporting IT Business Transformation portion of the framework:

US Navy DON Enterprise Architecture Method 4


The DON Chief Information Officer (CIO) is leading the effort to design and develop a single DON EA, using a strategy that federates with external partners and incorporates an integrated, coordinated, flexible and long-term strategically focused approach. The DON EA describes the processes, information flows, solutions, data descriptions, technical infrastructure and standards that are integrated to achieve current and future DON strategic goals and objectives.

The DON EA assists decision makers in the execution of major decision processes such as the Defense Acquisition System, Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution, and the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System.

Interestingly enough, since the release of the Global Information Grid (GIG) Federation Strategy in August 2007, the DON CIO has tailored the federated approach in developing and managing the DON EA. The DON EA will federate with DoD and other external partners.

For more information: 


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