Possibly one of the most common questions I get with regards to TOGAF is finding a good sample set of templates. Luckily the Open Group has a set that you can download that is quite extensive. Personally they aren’t the prettiest to look at but it will most certainly be an accelerant to leveraging TOGAF.

See below for the links:

Below you will find a listing of some of the templates included and some visual examples.

Examples of Catalogs


Examples of Core Diagrams

Value Chain Diagram

Business Footprint Diagram

Business Services and Information Diagram

Functional Decomposition Diagram

Product Lifecycle Diagram

Business Use Cases

Organizational Decomposition Diagram

Business Events Diagram

Data Architecture:

Conceptual Data Diagram

Class Diagram

Data Dissemination Diagram

Data Lifecycle Diagram

Data Security Diagram

Data Migration Diagram

Application Communication Diagram

N2 Model

User Location Diagram

Opportunities and Solutions

Application Realization Diagram

Environments and Locations Diagram

Platform Decomposition Diagram

Processing Diagram

Network Computing Hardware Diagram

Benefits Diagram

Project Context Diagram

Communications Engineering Diagram

Benefits Diagram

Technology Architecture: Environments & Location Diagram, Platform Decomposition Diagram

Example Matrices

Stakeholder Matrix

Business Event Matrix

Data / Business Function Matrix

Application / Data Matrix

Application/Organization Matrix

Architecture Vision: Stakeholder Map Matrix

Actor Role Matrix

Business Interaction Matrix

Data Architecture:

Information Exchange Matrix

Data Entity-Business Function Matrix

Data Security Matrix

Application to Technology Matrix

System-Data Matrix

Technology Architecture: System-Technology Matrix

Example deliverables are as follows

  • Preliminary Phase: Architecture Principles, Architecture Repository, Business Principles-Goals-Drivers, Organizational Model for Enterprise Architecture, Request for Architecture Work, Tailored Architecture Framework
  • Phase A: Architecture Vision, Capability Assessment, Communications Plan, Statement of Architecture Work
  • Phase B, C, D: Architecture Definition Document, Architecture Requirements Specification, Architecture Roadmap
  • Phase E: Implementation and Migration Plan, Transition Architecture
  • Phase F: Architecture Building Blocks, Architecture Contract with Business Users, Architecture Contract with Development Partners, Implementation Governance Model