Good High-Level Enterprise Architecture Video

I ran across a really good high-level Enterprise Architecture video last week and thought I would share. It’s brought to us by ArchimateMusings blog. This looks to be a video that his company created to articulate EA’s overall function and value proposition. Here is the description of the video:

This animation shows the role of Enterprise Architecture starting from the perspective of a business user. That user has understandable wishes and requests, and the IT decisions made for him all make sense. But the result of all business users doing this independently is a ‘hair ball architecture’. The role of Enterprise Architecture to prevent this from happening is illustrated.

The video was created by T36 (http:// in Maastricht, The Netherlands for APG Asset Management ( T36 created the story board from interviews with APG AM’s Lead Architect, Gerben Wierda. The video is owned by APG and it may move to an APG-owned channel later.

I wanted to share this with everyone because I think it’s important for EA’s to have a rich set of visuals, examples and media to facilitate the continous education process with our customers. While the video didn’t speak of strategy and business enablement directly, I do think this is a good primer or overview of some key value propositions for EA.



0 thoughts on “Good High-Level Enterprise Architecture Video”

  1. While I appreciate that the video is slick, the fact that the scope of the discussion is based only on IT makes the video applicable ONLY to those organizations that view EA as Enterprise IT Architecture. While a large number of Enterprise Architects fulfill that role, the trend in the profession is to describe a much wider role. Therefore, the diagram describes an undesirable “present state” as though it were the objective of EA, rather than the unfortunately current reality. This is a fatal flaw.


  2. It depends on how you look at it, as Mike stated as well, some areas aren’t covered. But in order to create a business case for EA or ITEA for that matter, in organisations where EA practice does not yet exist or isn’t present, this video provides a clear and understandable overview for management in order to go forward with it. Sometimes it is better to go step by step, than not having the practice implemented at all 🙂


  3. Thanks for the great comments guys!
    @Nick for the feedback. Yes, I most certainly agree with you, this is an IT centric view. I think as you do here that EA covers much more (or should cover more). See my post on the Enterprise Architecture Capability Model (EACM). One of these areas is what I refer to as business enablement which rolls business architecture, strategy and other business related areas underneath. I think this video is a good one regardless as it does cover one aspect of EA.
    @Frederikbaert , you hit the nail on the head! I’ve talked to hundreds of customers over the years about the scope for EA and have found that most want to start small and work your way up the maturity curve. And this make sense for a couple of reasons. First risk, to take on the full EA scope all at once is very risky and very costly. Second, by addressing EITA there are quick gains and value to be had that doesn’t require the entire organization to mature.
    While these are all factors I refer people to the EACM model to get a complete view of EA.
    Thanks again


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