Free TOGAF 9 Exam Simulator and Sample Questions

Manuel Di Toma has created a great resource for Enterprise Architects looking for TOGAF 9 certification. He built a set of TOGAF 9 simulation tests to help prepare you for the big test. 

Manuel ensures that all the resources in this portal are verified by TOGAF® 9 certified Architects. But please note, this website was designed and implemented by the Manuel; The Open Group is not directly involved in this initiative.

You can find the resources here: 

In Manuel’s words he describes why he created the site:

When I was studying for my TOGAF 9 certification exam, I realised that there wasn’t any FREE website offering a reliable service to try and test your TOGAF 9 knowledge and GET PREPARED FOR THE TOGAF 9 EXAMINATION. For this reason I decided to build a simple test engine using a free PHP solution called Limesurvey to enable the online testing capability, then on top of it, I built a portal. But I decided not to stop there and extend the purpose of the Portal. The Objective of this portal is to spread Enterprise Architecture Best Practice and offer FREE Enteprise Architecture Resources to other Fellow Enterprise Architect

Other helpful resources include:


0 thoughts on “Free TOGAF 9 Exam Simulator and Sample Questions”

  1. Some of the answers to the questions need fixing. For instance,
    The terms “concern” and “requirement” are synonymous: Yes they are synonymous. IT people think requirements are all about solutions. A concern is what a business analyst would call a business requirement. It might have something do with the way an organisation speaks with customers or suppliers, or a security concern.
    In which ADM phases, does Architecture Governance performed and operated? Prelim is the framework. The governance model is an output of F. and the Governance activities are implemented in G using the change request framework from H.


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