Webinar: 10 Sure-Fire Tips for Getting Stakeholder Buy-In to your Architecture Projects

As you may have read on my blog or even when you hear me present, I talk about how crucial soft-skills are to Enterprise Architects. In my personal opinion I think the majority of our success hinges on our ability to leverage these skills.  So when I run across resources I want to make sure I share them with all of you.

While I haven’t sat in on this particular webinar, I do agree with the themes and messages this is built upon. I believe this derives from a training course called, “Elevating Enterprise Architecture” which serves as a guide to hone in on those soft-skills or in more scientific terms, EQ. I did a full review of this course that you should check out to get a better idea on the foundations in which this webinar is built: http://www.mikethearchitect.com/2013/01/review-elevating-enterprise-architecture.html

I would highly recommend all architects check this out.


Webinar Overview: 10 Sure-Fire Tips for Getting Stakeholder Buy-In to your Architecture Projects

For the best part of the last three-years Keith Flanagan has been helping architects across all of the domains and industries develop relationships with their stakeholders. A good architect/sponsor-relationship is the first step to success. After all, would you risk your professional reputation by endorsing an IT or architecture project if you didn’t trust the people that were proposing it?

Date: 19 Nov, 2013
Time: 15.30 GMT, 10:30 EST, 16:30 CET
Cost: Free
Webinar Registration: Click Here


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