Shima by Laforge: High-tech Glasses
Moving pass the intrusive and offensive cyborg oriented Google Glass, Laforge believes they are on to something. Watch this YouTube video to how this company creates humanistic experiences first to effectively blend AR technology.

Primitive Quantum Computers Are Already Outperforming Current Machines

Now, in a study published in Nature Communications, researchers from the University of Bristol and the University of Western Australia have demonstrated that even primitive quantum processors of only a few qubits can perform important computations.

Better Than Opioids? Virtual Reality Could Be Your Next Painkiller

AppliedVR is building a library of virtual-reality content for alleviating pain and anxiety before, during, and after medical procedures. The company is working with hospitals and doctors to get patients using their VR headset and to study its effectiveness as well.

House-building robot can lay 1k bricks per/hr

Fastbrick Robotics has a new bricklaying machine that can build a house four times faster than its human counterpart. Don’t believe it? Check out this time-lapse video showcasing the effective build process of bricklayer robots.

Korea’s Uber without drivers

Korean researchers have finally created a taxi that doesn’t need a driver. For the past 6 months University students have been able to hail autonomous taxis with their smartphone on their 45k sqft campus.

Additional Technology Innovation Happenings in the Market

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