As a starting point, lets provide a brief overview of the Garnter Hype Cycle as a tool.  The hype cycle is a branded and yearly publication from Gartner that provides graphical representation of the maturity, adoption and social application of specific technologies. These technologies are placed on a graphic represented along a curve reflecting the phases that each technology takes on its journey to becoming market-ready. Symbols indicate the estimated time frame for significant market penetration (called the “Time to Plateau”).


See the official methodologies description from Gartner:

The Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle is unique amongst the 80 other Gartner hype cycles because it distills the must-know emerging technologies and trends from more than 2,000 profiled technologies that show promise of transformational competitive advantage over the next five to ten years.

The must-watch list that provides:
  • Aids senior executives with vital input into their long and short-range strategy and planning.
  • Provides a candidate list of high-potential innovation program pilots/prototypes
  • Can provide project de-risking if teams review emerging technologies that may eliminate the need for or consolidate technologies proposed for a project.
  • Future proofing solutions with ensuring the use of the most impactful technologies.
  • Can provide insight on how innovative your vendors are.

It probably no surprise that year over year the Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle is extremely popular, it’s the most read hype cycle from Gartner and one of the longest running hype cycles.



You will also see lots of international press coverage, here are just a few:

  1. Wall Street Journal: Biohacking Joins AI, Blockchain Among Technologies to Bring Competitive Edge
  2. Wired: Gartner getting all transhuman for 2018
  3. Forbes: It’s Official, The Transhuman Era Has Begun
  4. ZDNet: Democratic artificial intelligence will shape future technologies: Gartner
  5. SD Times: Gartner reveals five trends to blur the lines between humans and machines
What are some of the insights you can glean from the ET Hype Cycle?
This hype cycle provides four key perspectives:
  1. Technology. Definition of the 30 to 40 of the highest potential technologies over the next 10 years.
  2. Maturity. A maturity rating is given to every technology that defines seven maturity levels from Embryonic to Mainstream.
  3. Time to Plateau (Velocity/Speed of Market Penetration). Each technology is assigned to a category representing how long it will take to reach the Plateau of Productivity from the entry’s current position on the Hype Cycle.
  4. Hype Stage. Identifies where the technologies are on the hype cycle and what to expect from those technologies.