So there is a really great resource for organizations that are trying to rationalize the latest technologies by classifying them, understanding maturity, etc. You might say, the Gartner Hype Cycle helps do that, and you would be right… but… this is only a graphic representation and there are 80 of them out there that you have to shift through.

…IF YOU ARE A GARTNER CLIENT… You have access to the entire database for all 80 hype cycles. It’s called, “Toolkit: Create Your Own Hype Cycle With Gartner’s Technology Database”. You can find it here:

This Toolkit enables you to download more than 1,700 entries from Gartner’s Hype Cycle technology database. Use it to explore and filter entries, as well as generate your own custom Hype Cycle.

Leaders can take advantage of this Toolkit in various ways:

  • Filter the spreadsheet entries to generate a shortlist of technologies for discussion in portfolio and strategic planning meetings. Generate a graphical Hype Cycle that represents your organization’s specific needs.
  • Search the spreadsheet for technologies relevant to specific initiatives for business partners during strategic planning and program planning efforts.
  • To deliver technology-enabled business innovations, use the technology maturity, benefit and market adoption information in the spreadsheet along with other trend research.
  • Keep the spreadsheet available as a resource for research and planning (e.g., looking up definitions and vendor examples) and during technology life cycle planning. For example, use it with your technology procurement team to help guide investment decisions during technology adoption as well as end-of-life negotiations with your technology and service providers.
  • Create your own Hype Cycle of technologies that you are adopting or evaluating, to educate business or IT audiences about the peaks and troughs in expectations that they can anticipate as the technologies mature. Make sure you fully understand the purpose and value of the Hype Cycle by reading or rereading “Understanding Gartner’s Hype Cycles” or the book “Mastering the Hype Cycle: How to Choose the Right Innovation at the Right Time”
  • Use the spreadsheet to drive creativity within your organization or management off-site meetings. Select early-stage technologies (with maturity levels of “embryonic” or “emerging,” or with a Hype Cycle position before the peak), and ask, “Could this technology bring us a competitive advantage?” Look to practically apply new and emerging technologies, as well as new digital business and operating models.
  • Use the spreadsheet as a risk reduction tool. Check through later-stage technologies to ensure that you do not inadvertently miss out on a key technology that is entering maturity, to avoid becoming out of step with the rest of the industry.