It can be challenging trying to distill all the complexities of the ever changing technology landscape. One useful tool I use is an Emerging Technologies Radar. It provides you with a tool that can help you cut through the hype along with providing a familiar visual that most business and technologists understand fairly quickly.

If this sounds interesting and you are looking for a methodology along with the visual, check out the toolkit I created:

Not only can you layout technologies in a clear way but you can also use an emerging technology radar to assess the relative impact of emerging technologies as a tool to prioritize technology investments. Focus on technologies that will have a high impact in your industry and company and are mature enough to align with your risk tolerance.

Radars and Trendspotting

Emerging technologies radar may be used as a first pass to list technologies to be aware of. It may also be used as a graphical presentation of a more complex analysis that focuses the discussion.

Regardless, technology innovation leaders should use this Toolkit to:

  • Provide leadership in driving innovation. This Toolkit will help enterprise architecture practitioners prepare to discuss with business and IT leaders how technology disruptions will impact the organization.
  • Unbiased decision making. Fear, uncertainty and doubt can create an environment of personality-driven investment decisions if left unchecked. Emerging technology radars provide business and technology leaders with unbiased research on emerging technologies and trends through a fact-based analysis method.
  • Understand future business blind spots. Through this trend-spotting tool, enterprise architecture practitioners will gain greater awareness of emerging technologies. This will be the first step in identifying how digital disruptions introduce risk to the organization.
  • Be the catalyst for the organization’s digital strategy. Emerging technologies will impact the company’s strategy, or in some cases, form the basis for an entirely new business strategy. Radars can save organizations time and reduce risks of misunderstood technologies to ultimately support business transformation efforts.


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