Hey Everyone! It’s been awhile, right? As you may, or may not know, while I was at Gartner I had to shut down my efforts on MtA. It was a difficult thing to do given my passion for EA. However, it gave me some comfort that I was still writing EA guidance, even if it was behind a “pay wall”.

Since I rejoined Microsoft, I’ve been getting more and more emails, calls, requests for speaking at events from old friends, colleagues, conference chairs, and even the press that serves the EA community. I can’t really point my finger on why that is and why now.

This got my curiosity going, so I went back to the Mike The Architect (MtA) blog to check out if people were still consuming the content. To my surprise, I saw that you were consuming the MtA content on a regular basis. I haven’t materially posted any enterprise architecture content in years and I was still getting 75k worth of views a year!

Wow! Thanks everyone!

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 12.24.52 PM

This has encouraged me to put together a plan to post more frequently to the EA community. My first wave of posts will be a “revisited” series.

The MtA Revisited Series will look at posts from the enterprise architecture past 10 years to see how they have held up to the scrutiny of time. The inspiration for this was a post I wrote in 2012 predicting what EA will look like in 2020. Talk about the perfect post to start this series.

If you have any requests for the revisited series OR enterprise architecture topics to post about, please send them to me either in the comments below or email.

Thanks everyone for the continued support!

– Mike