Enterprise Architecture Tool Assessments

Mike Walker's Blog: Enterprise Architecture Tool Assessments

It’s been a busy couple months for the analysts. Both Forrester and Gartner have built out and refreshed their latest Enterprise Architecture Tool Assessments for 2011.

After reading both of them, they actually complement each other. The Gartner analysis reads more like deep research and analysis but the Forrester report is able to bubble the findings up in an easy way. My personal style is to look at the Forrester report first, to determine what vendors I do and don’t want to look at, then go to the Gartner report for the in depth analysis of that vendor.

See below for an example of the style of analysis:

Mike Walker's Blog: Enterprise Architecture Tool Assessments


Both of these are great reports just different styles and approaches to the outcomes.

So if you are in the market for a new EA Tool or just want to educate yourself on the tools out there and their capabilities take a look at both of these reports. I think you will find value in both.

EA Tools Assessments



The 2010 Enterprise Architecture Awards

Information World published the Enterprise Architecture Awards for 2010 today. Kudos to InfoWorld and Forrester. It is great to see this kind of socialization of EA successes. We often talk about the programs that haven’t worked instead of showcasing all the great work happening out there. It would be great to see all of those Chief Architects and Enterprise Architects that won (or even didn’t win) blog more to talk about what works and doesn’t work for them to aid this struggling profession while still in it’s infancy. 

InfoWorld and Forrester Research share a similar view about the value of EA to organizations — and also believe this value is seldom given its due. To rectify that, they have worked together to develop the Enterprise Architecture Awards, with the intent of recognizing companies whose practice of EA has delivered substantial business benefit to their organizations.

They began the process of collecting nominations for the Enterprise Architecture Awards in the spring of 2010.

The winners are:

  1. Aetna
  2. Barclay’s Bank
  3. Discover Financial Services
  4. Skandia UK & International
  5. Wells Fargo


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